Forensic Delay Analysis

For all but the most simple time-related disputes; courts and tribunals are increasingly assisted by forensic delay analysis to provide clarity on matters of delay and disruption. 

Fairway's forensic delay analysis team provides delay analyses that are based on sound common sense principles that are able to stand up to the rigours of cross examination. 

All of Fairway's planners have a strong background in live construction and engineering planning (or 'scheduling'). Combined with our in-depth knowledge of planning techniques and software, we provide independent and objective analysis. We have a wealth of experience acting as expert witness, expert advisor, as well as expert determiner. 

Delay appointments range from assisting with the production or defence of a claim through to providing full expert testimony. Fairway's planners listen to their clients' needs and provide tailored solutions that best suit the time or budgetary constraints. Our delay team has a proven track record of quickly assimilating information and providing no-nonsense advice early in the dispute process. We are also adept at producing clear and concise delay reports, written in a clear and comprehensive style for lawyers and their clients. 

Fairway provides Forensic Delay Analysis services to the following sectors:

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