by Propeller


Fairway understands the importance of strategic programming and implementing procedures and control mechanisms. 

A sound baseline and robust supporting network is required to accurately monitor and measure progress for any form of critical path delay analysis.  We provide:

• Assistance in programme preparation and management.
• Advice at tender stage on the feasibility of a contractor’s programme.
• Project Audits for projects under construction in order to determine likely completion dates and establishing extensions of time entitlements.
• Review of a completed project in order to report on the contractor’s performance and assess the effect of acceleration measures and delaying events.

It is necessary to establish an audit trail of all contemporaneous project records including programmes, timesheets, drawings, correspondence, meeting minutes, progress reports, spreadsheets, graphs, narratives and diaries and journals. Fairway’s team of planners are skilled and experienced in making best use of the information available and understanding often very complex projects.