by Propeller


Fairway has a dedicated team of planning engineers at all levels who have detailed and thorough knowledge of construction and engineering. Their experience in construction methodology and planning techniques, together with their expertise in using the latest project management software, enable them to analyse the most complex delays.

All Fairway’s planners have many years of practical experience of planning projects in a live environment. This includes strategic and tender planning, front end concept design and engineering design through to construction and engineering ‘on site’ planning, project co-ordination, management and progress monitoring of construction projects. They have experience of working on many projects from buildings and refurbishment to large civil engineering projects, process plants, power stations and airports including many of the largest and most prestigious projects in the world.

The planning department works closely with Fairway’s quantity surveyors and cost engineers to provide clear, objective expert analysis and advice on construction disputes related to time and money. They are familiar with working with most standard forms of contract and methods of procurement.

Fairway’s construction specialists have been appointed as planning expert witnesses and given evidence both in litigation and arbitration in many countries. They also provide independent analysis for parties in adjudication over time related disputes.