by Propeller

Contract Administration/Commercial Management

Fairway’s experience working as experts in litigation, arbitration and adjudication, throughout the World provides us with a first hand knowledge of the need to operate and administer projects in accordance with the Contract.

We have hands on experience of the day to day challenges of administrating complicated multi-national major projects often involving bespoke contracts, consortium agreements and sub- contracts. Fairways experienced team of Contract Administrators understand the vital importance of the right type of records and the notices which are required at the right time. The experience of our staff enables them to communicate effectively with the project team to ensure that the flow of information between technical, commercial and time scheduling departments are pulled together to provide effective contract administration and claims management.

Our experience has proved time and time again that employing experienced competent Contract administration staff on a project significantly reduces the risk of formal disputes arising and ensures that even if a formal dispute cannot be avoided that the contractual information required to successfully manage the dispute is readily to hand.