by Propeller

Claims Preparation and Defence

Fairway's industry knowledge and expertise and its understanding of the legal processes involved with claims and litigation assist Fairway's Forensic Planning and Quantum Experts in the production and defence of claims for recovery of delays and the losses and expenses that commonly follow the delaying events.

Fairway's vast experience allows it to focus on the problems that caused the delay or loss and provide independent advice to the claiming or defending party regarding entitlement to recover or to reject.

Knowing and understanding the burden of proof allows Fairway to identify the weaknesses and to focus on the strengths enabling us to produce claims that can be rigorously interrogated and withstand many of the fundamental elements of forensic analysis. These skills can also be used to analyse any received claims and produce the defence where any defence may exist

Management of available information is key to the production of a strong claim; Fairway is skilled at ensuring that the management is smooth and the relevant information is provided. Establishing the existence and order of all of the project and relevant data is a fundamental step in achieving the most favourable and strongest claim submission.