by Propeller

Our Services

We offer a level of technical support and a breadth of services that is rare amongst our competitors.

Our cost, contract, planning and management skills underpin the principal services we offer, which are:

As an independent expert witness, following a written report which sets out the results of our investigation, our experts will often be called upon to provide expert oral testimony in court on a range of issues.

When a client seeking financial redress asks us to become involved, we can ensure they avoid common pitfalls and advise them on how to resolve a dispute. This, in turn, has led to the growth in demand for Fairway’s contract administration services.

Contract administration is about complying with your objectives and making sure that other parties adhere to theirs, so that no one loses their entitlements. Fairway has a team of professionals throughout the world, who are dedicated to working on contract administration. What does it involve? Firstly, administrating the contract in accordance with the requirements and obligations. Secondly, ensuring that the appropriate documents are kept in the format necessary to prove a case should a dispute arise. The earlier we get involved, the more assistance we can give a client with contract processes and procedures.

It is the role of our document management team to collect, collate, review, produce and present evidence, so that disputes may be resolved on the basis of verifiable facts.

Our alternative dispute resolution services encompass mediation, adjudication and arbitration – routes which are designed to avoid unnecessary delay and expense.

Dispute avoidance is a service which assists clients in implementing strategies and procedures to ensure that the risk of disputes in the future is minimised.

Project audits provide a realistic snapshot of a situation and offers an independent review of where a project currently stands, giving senior management the facts they need to make an informed decision on the best course of action to follow.

Fairway’s claims preparation and defence services investigate the problems behind unplanned expense and delay so that a robust and valid claim can be prepared.