by Propeller

Our People

Our reputation for excellence which Fairway has developed since 1990 owes a great deal to the quality of our people.

Our multidisciplinary team of quantity surveyors, planners and project managers are all regarded as leading specialists in their particular disciplines. Their role is to provide substantiated and reasoned advice.

However large and complex a situation is, Fairway has someone with the necessary expertise to tackle it, supported by the knowledge of colleagues, who are also recognised experts in their own disciplines.

Our quantum and planning teams include internationally recognised and highly experienced arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators, contract administrators and expert witnesses. The knowledge acquired from projects and contracts in over 80 countries worldwide underpins our impressive analytical programming, contract and cost skills.

It is this unusually high degree of understanding that enables Fairway to identify the root cause of problems and their impact on programme and cost.

Such expertise is vital in establishing a cause and effect relationship, which plays a central role in successfully resolving a dispute. Despite the extremely serious and challenging nature of our work, at Fairway we are happy to admit that we enjoy our work and approach it with genuine enthusiasm.