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Gary McGifford, an experienced Planning and Forensic Delay Analyst, joins Fairway

Posted on 19th November 2010

Fairway is pleased to announce the appointment of Gary McGifford as a Senior Manager in the Planning and Forensic Delay Analysis team. Gary will be based in the London office.

Gary has over twenty years’ experience working in consultant and client organisations. He has design, pre-site and site construction planning experience, primarily in the commercial, rail, water utility and air transport sectors.

Gary specialises in forensic planning and delay analysis, assisting clients in the production and defence of extension of time claims. He has also been instructed on a number of occasions in respect of formal dispute resolution proceedings.

Richard Bryer, Fairway’s Managing Director said, “I am delighted Gary has joined Fairway, and I am confident that he will strengthen our already internationally recognised team. Gary has worked client-side in a number of his roles and I am sure that this will bring enormous benefits to our understanding of our clients’ needs and business requirements”.

For further details, please contact Richard Bryer:

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