by Propeller


Fairway is well versed in the contractual, commercial and scheduling processes involved in procuring, constructing and placing structures in marine environments and also in the construction and conversion of maritime vessels.

Fairway has experience with marine projects both on the coast: for example in the form of sea defences, reclamations, dredging, bridge construction and port development; and off-shore: for example in the form of gravity base structures, sub-sea pipelines, rig topsides and FPSO anchorage.

Fairway has also provided commercial and scheduling expertise to owners and contractors engaged on ship building and conversion projects.

Our expertise has been utilised in arbitration and litigation proceedings in such disputed matters as the resolution of development costs incurred by joint venture owners of a gas field in the North Sea, the evaluation of damage/loss resulting from failure of a drawworks onboard a drilling ship and the installation costs of sub-sea pipelines on the Irish continental shelf and in the North Sea.