by Propeller


Fairway’s experts have been appointed on planning and quantum matters by clients, contractors, consortiums, joint ventures and lawyers in the UK and overseas on projects involving aviation, rail and railway systems, roads, highways, bridges and tunnels.

These projects have included some extremely complex construction and engineering issues requiring Fairway’s experience and expertise to analyse documentation, programmes, cost records, as-built information and other contemporaneous data in order to identify cause and effect of delays and evaluate costs.

Fairway has acted as contract adviser for both contractors and clients and provided expertise in the development of expert reports, claims strategies, general submissions to clients, investigations and analyses of potential claim values against various parties to the contract.

Fairway has undertaken assignments including investigations into the consequences of major redesigns including the consequential effects on other contractor’s costs and set out the results of their investigation in reports. Fairway’s experts have also provided oral testimony on many occasions.