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Company Information

Gardiner & Theobald Fairway (Fairway) is an internationally recognised company that provides clear and objective expert analysis and advice in the management, avoidance and resolution of disputes worldwide.

Fairway has over the last 25 years become a leading authority on all aspects of dispute avoidance management, and resolution. The principal issues that commonly give rise to disagreements – time and money – are areas in which we have demonstrated worldclass expertise.

What differentiates Fairway is our professional approach. Our ethos is to provide our clients with objective advice so that they know where they stand. Objectivity is in the client’s long term interest as it often provides the catalyst to settle disagreements, whereas taking a dispute to court can often prove costly.

Our business is founded on trust. Due to its often sensitive nature, clients rely on us to conduct all business in the strictest confidence.

Much of our business is generated through repeat appointments, as well as recommendations from our clients. We feel that this is testament to our performance and achievements which demonstrate that Fairway leads the field of dispute management consultancy.

Our quantum, planning and project management experts are drawn from a consultancy and contractor background. Their all-round, hands-on approach means that we know how contractors operate. That level of awareness has consistently proved advantageous to our clients.

Fairway is a group company of Gardiner & Theobald LLP, the Property and Construction Consultancy. More information can be found at

Gardiner & Theobald Fairway Limited (Regulated by RICS) has its registered office at 265 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7RQ. Registered in England and Wales. Register number 254 3438